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Add-Ons To Spice Up Swing
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Salsa - Open Source Swing Addon Suite

What is Salsa?

Salsa is a collection of open-source Swing add-ons. Salsa includes


Package Description
salsa.debug Holds data models like ComponentTreeModel that lets you browse your apps UI tree at runtime or BeanPropertyTableModel that lets you check the bean's properties at runtime.
salsa.font Holds a commom font chooser dialog.
salsa.html Holds a web browser wrapper, an editable HTML document model and more.
salsa.image Holds a picture box for easy image loading and display. Holds a common color chooser menu.
salsa.tree Holds an XML tree model.
salsa.util Holds utility methods to center frames on the screen, or to check for the event dispatch thread, or to store window settings in the preferences backstore and more.

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