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Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Parser
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Cypress - Open Source Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Parser

What is Cypress?

Cypress is an open-source Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parser that lets you add well-documented, standardized name/value pairs (such as color: red; font-size: 150%; font-style: italic;) also know as CSS style properties to your own XML markup languages.

Cypress supports inline styles so you can add style properties to individual XML tags using the style attribute or external style sheets so that you can store style rules for reuse in separate, XML-free text documents also known as style sheets.

Cypress supports three forms of selectors to match your XML tags and style rules, that is, element selectors, class selectors and id selectors.

What is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)?

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) started as a W3C standard for styling web pages (that is, HTML tags) and evolved into a standard for styling arbitrary, made-up, not-yet-invented XML tags such as XUL or SVG tags.

Note, that CSS is not and archaic pre-XML-world dialect that is endangered by XSL/T. Instead both CSS and XSL/T will thrive side-by-side and complement each other. XSL/T, for example, excels in creating new documents from templates and XML data, but doesn't offer well-documented, standardized style properties that you can squeeze into XML tags and that are possibly cascaded/inherited to leafs and branches in the document tree.

To find out more about CSS check these links:

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