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Enriching Core Java
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Caramel - Open Source Core Java Toolbox

What is Caramel?

Caramel is a collection of open-source Java utility classes. Caramel includes

Caramel Class Sampling

Class Description
ClassUtils Use getJarFileName() to find out the jar's file name housing the passed in class.
ColorUtils Use more than a hundred predefined colors by name such as azure, chocolate, deepskyblue, indigo, sienna, tomato and so on.
DateUtils Use getHttpDate() to get a timestamp in a RFC-1123 format used by millions of web servers.
FileUtils Use getFileExtension() to get a file's extension such as .jnlp. Use saveStreamToFile() to save a stream to a file with a one-liner. Use getFileAsString() to pack a file's content into a string with a one-liner. Use copy() to copy a file with a one-liner.
MimeUtils Use guessContentTypeFromName() to guess a files MIME type by its file extension.
NetUtils Use isLoopbackIp(), isPrivateIp(), getIpClass() and more to analyze IP addresses.
StringUtils Use fillTemplate() as a tiny template engine. Use getPrettyPrintedDateDifference() to get date differences in plain English such as 5 days ago, yesterday or 3 hours ago.

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